A Protect Kids Online (PKO) Course

Smart Sharing:

The Do's and Don'ts of Posting Kid Pics

Even the most private profiles can unknowingly reveal too much. Fareedah Shaheed, a Forbes-recognized Internet Safety Expert, shows you the smartest and safest way to post about your children online. Sign up for the course and start posting with peace of mind.



What you'll learn...


The Sharenting Dilemma

Navigate the nuances of sharing your family's moments without oversharing.


Private Profiles, Public Concerns

Learn why 'private' doesn't always mean protected and what you can do about it.


Consent Conversations

Tactics for discussing sharing preferences with relatives and schools.


Teen Privacy Tips

Equip your teens with the skills to control their digital footprint wisely.


Influencer Parents' Guide

Strategies for parents who share as part of their personal brand.


Safe Picture Posting

Strategies for safe picture sharing.


No-Go Zones Online

Understand the topics and details that should never be shared online.


Sharing with Etiquette

Best practices for posting about others, especially other children.


Meet the Internet Safety Expert behind the PKO Course!

Fareedah Shaheed (aka CyberFareedah) is an Award-Winning Internet Safety Expert and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

Through her background in cybersecurity awareness, threat intelligence, and online gaming she has developed a unique approach called the SAFE Method to teaching internet safety to parents by centering the need for safe spaces and connection as the foundation to protecting kids online.

Her work has been featured in Cisco, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NASDAQ, FOX 46, AfroTech, NBC4, Ebony Magazine, Yahoo!, and many more.

Fareedah has worked with after-school programs, parent communities, and organizations like Mozilla, H&M, FedEx, Common Sense Networks, Love146, and NASA on internet safety workshops and campaigns.

She started the Protect Kids Online (PKO) Membership to give personalized support to parents who feel overwhelmed or don't know where to begin with internet safety for their family.

What parents are saying...

Cheryl, mom of 2

"I can't tell you how much of an impact Fareedah's advice has had on my relationship with my son!"

Roshanda, mom of 3

"I just left an amazing training with Fareedah..it was absolutely amazing and mind-blowing! She didn’t focus in on the fear...she gave us tools and information and she really helped us to understand."

Shellie, mom of 2

"We all left feeling empowered and inspired. She knows how to take a topic that many avoid...and make it real and relatable."


Share Joyfully While Preserving Their Privacy

Know the dos and don'ts of sharing photos and info of your kids online.


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