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If this is your first time here, I'm an Award-Winning, Forbes 30 Under 30, Internet Safety Expert.

I have a background in cybersecurity awareness, threat intelligence, and online gaming. And I'm committed to helping you protect your kids online. 🥰

My work has been featured in Cisco, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NASDAQ, AfroTech, NBC4, Yahoo!, and many more.

I have worked with companies such as H&M, FedEx, NASA, Mozilla, LinkedIn, Common Sense Networks, and Love146 to help educate parents on internet safety and security. 🙌🏾

I'm currently serving on the Forbes board for the Under 30 community. And I've been named LinkedIn Top Voices in Cybersecurity.

And besides being obsessed (healthily?) with online gaming and french fries, my absolutely favorite thing to do is sit with a group of parents and give them an insider point of view on the digital world their kids live in.

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Okay, here's the thing...

Unsafe parental control apps allow predators access to your children...

Yup! If a parental control app isn't built with good security and privacy in mind this can allow a predators to get information about your child. Info like where they go to school, their home address, their full name, or the messages and pictures they've sent... 😰

This free guide lists all 45+ parental control apps that were found to not have good security. The guide also has safety steps to protect your kids. So don't worry, I got your back!

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Some extra thoughts given my ✨techie ✨



My experience in Cybersecurity Awareness and Threat Intelligence has always made me think twice before recommending parental control apps. 

Because, as anyone in my field will tell you...anything that can be hacked, will be hacked. And as cybersecurity professionals, we always repeat the "it's not if but when" phrase. 😬


And in 2020-2021, a cybersecurity research paper was published listing apps that were found to not have the security necessary to protect your children from online predators and hackers. 

And over the past few years, there were hacked parental control apps with MILLIONS of impacted users. And yet I still see parenting blogs recommending them because it's not widely known. 😶

And now some children are living with their addresses, private photos, messages, and videos exposed online...


My mission is to help you protect your children online, so I created this list and safety guide to help you do just that. I don't want you to unknowingly install an app that isn't up to foundational security standards. 

Your family deserves better than that. So let's protect your kids online together!💞

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45+ Parental Control Apps You Shouldn't Download

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