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Online Safety for the Non-Tech Savvy Family 

We are dedicated to educating families on online safety without unnecessary stress and confusion. Our digital products and services are designed to help families make their first and most important steps towards their safety and security. Our step-by-step guidance is designed to help you and your family gain the confidence you need in the digital world. 

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We are committed to supporting families through the pressure of maintaining their privacy, safety, and security. Our online membership empowers you to take actionable steps to keep you and your family safe online. 


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Meet Your Guide: Fareedah Shaheed

Fareedah Shaheed is the CEO and Founder of Sekuva, where she helps parents and caretakers protect their kids online. She has taught thousands of people online security & safety, has hosted lunch and learns, and has delivered keynotes on the subject. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and is currently serving on the Forbes board for the Under 30 community. She has been named Cybersecurity Personality of the Year 2020. And her work has been featured in Cisco, FOX 25, FOX 46, The Grio, Yahoo!, AfroTech, Radio One, TripWire, Infosecurity Magazine, and many more.


"Fareedah is the GOAT in cybersecurity because she’s on the cutting edge of what’s happening NOW. She makes the “tech stuff” easy for entrepreneurs and gives you simple steps and processes to SECURE YOUR FAMILY AND BUSINESS the right way. She also has a simple system to TRAIN YOUR TEAM so that they are keeping you secure on the back end. A true one-stop solution for the security of your life and business."

Yahya Smith
The Feminine Success Coach

"Having a background in the Anti-Money Laundering business brings a lot of awareness regarding cyber security from a holistic perspective. However, after meeting with Fareedah, I learned so much about how the branches of this subject reach beyond a corporate view. Like our homes and personal computers need to have the right coverage, tools and knowledge to protect our lives. And even as a small-business owner there was much to be considered when weighing in the fact of my business being protected from viscous hackers. This cyber security knowledge and coaching are a sound investments for businesses and personal protection. Fareedah, thank you for your expertise you bring so that we can be safe from cyber invaders."

Rhonda G. Anderson
Building Up Lives with Rhonda G. Anderson, Author, Coach & Speaker - @buildinguplivestoday

"In this small business launch that I'm doing I'd be remiss if I did not pursue cybersecurity instruction and knowledge from Fareedah. "

Dorene Hudson
Hudson Ministries

"Hello Friends, Family & Associates! Allow me to introduce this sharp, superSmart young lady to you. She's a cyber security expert and just happens to be the one who supports me in protecting my online assets! If you are a small business owner and want to properly secure your online assets, I strongly recommend Fareedah Shaheed!!!"

Jackie Golden
Author | Coach | Inspirator

"I met this beautiful soul this past weekend at The Giant Experience who is an Cyber Security expert! If you do not know her, you and your business need to introduce yourself to her. She dropped some huge nuggets on the attendees that was 🔥🔥🔥"

Candice Arnold
Candice J. Arnold - Virtual Assistant Services

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