5-Day Challenge for Moms: Protect Your Kids On Social Media

A FREE 5-Day Track to Safeguarding Your Kids on Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat

What Will You Learn?

SAFE Method (TM)

Gain the tools and confidence to safeguard your children on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. In just 5 days, transform your approach to online safety, foster meaningful family conversations, and implement actionable steps rooted in the SAFE Method.

DAY 1 (S: Safe Space) - Build a Safe Space

Build trust and open communication through non-judgmental conversations.

Day 2 (A: Accountability) - Foster Digital Accountability

Review and adjust social media settings together, instilling mutual accountability.

DAY 3 (F: Fun) - Cultivate Digital Positivity

Discover shared and individual digital interests to foster open parent-child conversations.

DAY 4 (E: Empathy) - Nurturing Healthy Digital Lives

Prioritize empathy and mutual understanding while setting digital boundaries and screen time limits.

DAY 5: SAFE Support Group (Q&A)

Participate in a Q&A to tackle real-time online safety issues within a supportive group.


Meet the Internet Safety Expert behind the Social Media Safety Challenge!

Fareedah Shaheed (aka CyberFareedah) is an Award-Winning Internet Safety Expert and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

Through her background in cybersecurity awareness, threat intelligence, and online gaming she has developed a unique approach called the SAFE Method to teaching internet safety to parents by centering the need for safe spaces and connection as the foundation to protecting kids online.

Her work has been featured in Cisco, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NASDAQ, FOX 46, AfroTech, NBC4, Ebony Magazine, Yahoo!, and many more.

Fareedah has worked with after-school programs, parent communities, and organizations like Mozilla, H&M, FedEx, Common Sense Networks, Love146, and NASA on internet safety workshops and campaigns.

She started the Protect Kids Online (PKO) Membership to give personalized support to parents who feel overwhelmed or don't know where to begin with internet safety for their family.



5-Day Challenge for Moms: Protect Your Kids On Social Media

Discover the simple yet powerful methods to keeping your kids safe on social media!