Your Free Resource Library for Protecting Your Kids Online 

If you don't know where to start with internet safety, are not sure if you're doing enough, or want to stay on top of things this is for you! 

Here is what you'll get when you download the free resource library: 

(I'm creating even more resources and that will be included in your download too!)

Unsafe parental control apps list

Get the list of 45+ parental control apps that were found to not have good security. 

Online gaming safety checklist

Get the simple steps you should take to protect your gamer child online!

Social media safety checklist

This checklist helps you double-check that you've taken the steps to protect your child on social media.

General internet safety checklist

This checklist helps you understand the foundational internet safety steps you need for your family.

Holistic internet safety tips

Internet safety is more than just tech, this guide gives you the info and resources you need to go deeper.

Safer games for your kids

This guide gives you recommendations on the best gaming devices and games based on your child's age.

How to set up Apple parental controls

This guide gives you the step by step method to set up parental controls on your child's iPad or iPhone.

First 10 steps to protecting your kids online

Not sure where to start with protecting your kids online? This guide is for you!

Roblox Safety Links

This guide gives you the direct links to parental & safety features you can enable on Roblox.

Download the Free Resource Library for Protecting Your Kids Online!