The Unspoken Crisis: Protecting Kids from Explicit Pics & Chats

Fareedah Shaheed, now a Forbes-recognized Internet Safety Expert, was once a rebellious teen exploring the darker corners of the web. Drawing on her deeply personal experiences and cybersecurity expertise, this course provides an in-depth guide to safeguarding your children online.


What you'll learn...



Initiate open, shame-free talks about sexting to empower your children to make safe choices.


Learn strategies to prevent sextortion and how to cope if targeted, for a safer digital family life.

Online Grooming

Teach your kids to spot and avoid online grooming by recognizing subtle red flags.

Explicit Role-Playing

Learn to guide your kids in making safe choices during online gaming and chatting without shame or fear.

Online Dating

For older kids: Equip young adults with safety tools to navigate online dating by setting strong boundaries and recognizing unhealthy behavior.Ā 

Explicit Content

Address the topic of porn constructively and equip your child to make informed healthy choices about explicit content in a digital world.


Meet the Internet Safety Expert behind the Course!

Fareedah Shaheed (aka CyberFareedah) is an Award-Winning Internet Safety Expert and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

Through her background in cybersecurity awareness, threat intelligence, and online gaming she has developed a unique approach called the SAFE Method to teaching internet safety to parents by centering the need for safe spaces and connection as the foundation to protecting kids online.

Her work has been featured in Cisco, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NASDAQ, FOX 46, AfroTech, NBC4, Ebony Magazine, Yahoo!, and many more.

Fareedah has worked with after-school programs, parent communities, and organizations like Mozilla, H&M, FedEx, Common Sense Networks, Love146, and NASA on internet safety workshops and campaigns.

She started the Protect Kids Online (PKO) Membership to give personalized support to parents who feel overwhelmed or don't know where to begin with internet safety for their family.


Ashley Jangro

Ashley Jangro is an Online Marketing Strategist who blends her background as an educator, skills as a certified coach, and her marketing expertise to help people grow their presence and stand out online.

Ashley also coaches teens and parents to improve mental health and build strong relationships. As a mom/stepmom of six and someone who spends most of her day online, she is well-informed and committed to the safety of kids online.

In her spare time, Ashley is an avid online gamer and can be found streaming Minecraft on Twitch with her husband and kids.

Umm Zakiyyah

Umm Zakiyyah is not just a world-renowned author, teacher, and soul-care mentor; she is also my mother, and she has a powerful story of healing and growth. Her expertise lies in her transformative emotional healing journey, marked by her Rapid Transformational TherapyĀ® (RTT) certification, as well as a trauma and somatics certificate. These endeavors have not only enriched her own life but have also resonated deeply with me and my mission to create SAFE spaces online for children.

What truly distinguishes Umm Zakiyyah is her innate ability to create sanctuaries of safety and openness. This skill has been a cornerstone in my own life, and has provided me the freedom to share my story without the burdens of fear or shame.

Kathleen Hema

Kathleen Hema has heard it all when it comes to sex ed! She was a sex ed classroom teacher teaching students from primary through university level for over a decade. She has taken that invaluable experience and is now an internationalĀ speaker, trainer, and content creator for parents on how to create and maintain a home environment conducive to having the sex talks throughout childhood. Kathleen provides free education for parents on how to have the sex talks on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as well as runs her own consultancy business for parents and private schools around relationship, sexuality and health education. She will be launching the Top 3 Talks Parenting Course later this month which guides parents on how to initiate the Sex, Masturbation and Porn Talk. You can find out more about Kathleen and the course on her website,


What parents are saying...

Shellie, mom of 2

"We all left feeling empowered and inspired. She knows how to take a topic that many avoid...and make it real and relatable."

Roshanda, mom of 3

"I just left an amazing training with was absolutely amazing and mind-blowing! She didnā€™t focus in on the fear...she gave us tools and information and she really helped us to understand."

Cheryl, mom of 2

"I can't tell you how much of an impact Fareedah's advice has had on my relationship with my son and the way I parent him around gaming!"